Main Cast Character Bio's

 Marie A.K.A “Ebola”

“It's a miracle that she's not fat with how many pringles she eats.”
- Tai
Ebola spends most of her time in her dorm room, throwing darts at her arch-nemesis' poster and chipping away at a hole in the wall that she claims will be the school's downfall. She doesn't have much friends, although Tai could be considered one. She absolutely loves pringles, and Tai uses her addiction to his advantage by using the snacks to lure her into class as opposed to normal punishments given by the teachers and staff, assuming she benefits Tai as well as the staff when she comes into class. It works rather well on Ebola. She's rather lazy in her free-time but can be hasty and stubborn if someone is agitating her. Before the mythology club and the other factions, Ebola had normal days at school, sleeping at the desk until she got her pringles and throwing darts at Tiger Woods. She absolutely hates golf, claiming that “it's a lazier-than-me attempt at a sport.” The people over at the mythology club began spreading rumors involving a haunted poster after Ebola discovered it's utterly indestructible. She's against all the mythology club war nonsense and so ignored their myths but still wonders if Geronto is up to something and caused the poster to be that way.
Aside from the mythology club, she has an admirer, or copy-cat you may say. Rabies has an odd obsession with Ebola and Auto, much to Ebola's dismay. She often dresses like Ebola and Auto as well.
At the beginning of the school year, a trouble-maker got a hold of a walkie talkie and shouted insults about Ebola and Tai through it. The walkie talkie insults continued at random times, mostly right before lunch. Ebola wants to track down the person who insults her and Tai, but all she knows is that the person on the walkie is a known trouble-maker and there are a few known trouble-makers.